Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Kapha type body

Kapha is derived from the basic elements of earth and water. These elements literally have the characteristics of being heavy, stable, cool, oily and smooth and these are the best characteristics of all the elements in nature. In fact, the very nature of stability of earth and water elements, imparts an amazing strength to Kapha individuals, both physically and psychologically. The qualities of Kapha are comparable to that of the Mother Earth , peaceful, fertile, calm, balanced and steady. Thus, Kapha individuals are deep rooted and down to earth. Kapha reflects the contentment and peaceful nature of the bovine cow and the primordial elephant. However, when these qualities become imbalanced it can lead to laziness, lethargy, over possessiveness and stubbornness. Kapha individuals may tend to indulge in excess when it comes to food, especially those of sweet, fried or creamy nature; therefore, they need to be aware, if their choice is over-dominated by foods that are too sweet or too oily, like fried food, sugar or refined carbohydrates, than it can result in diseases like diabetes and obesity. In addition to diseases like obesity, overweight and diabetes, an excess intake of these kind of food stuff can lead to physical lethargy, mental dullness and inactivity, renal , cardiac and digestive disorders.

Kapha and metabolic disorders (overweight and obesity): Kapha is related to taste, and Ayurveda recognizes it as “Rasa” of sweetness. This sweet Rasa is most Nutritive of all tastes. This is why Kapha individuals, when on balanced diet are the healthiest people on planet. However, their natural affinity to overeating and the consumption of excessively sweet and heavy foods can throw them out of balance and creates disorders in the body like diabetes and obesity. So even Before this overeating, becomes a deep rooted habit, we suggest following the highly recommended Kapha Diet Plan and sipping Kapha Tea in place of routine beverages. In advanced stages of diabetes and obesity we suggest following the Obesity Diet Plan and taking Anti Obesity Tea and Slim Trim Capsules. Slim Trim Capsules contain the best combination of herbs from Ayurveda which ignite digestive fire(power) at the cellular level so that fat can be uprooted from the body with ease.

Kapha and digestive disorders: The elements Earth and Water by virtue of their nature lack the fire element, this lack of fire tends to cause problem for the digestive system. A small amount of fire is needed to stimulate the digestion and ensure proper assimilation of foods and nutrients. Kapha individuals will benefit greatly by assisting their digestion with our Appetizer Tea. Since Kapha can suffer from a very slow digestion, especially from eating foods that take time to digest and ones that are too sweet, we suggest drinking Appetizer Tea to ease indigestion and spark stimulation . Or, try substituting Kapha tea in place of routine beverages to induce proper digestion and assimilation of vital nutrients!!

Kutaja for Kapha: If because of Indigestion one is passing nutritive sap of food in feces then Kutaja is the best herb to be taken.

Kapha and diabetes: To maintain a healthy and normal blood sugar Gurmaar is the best solution. Along with a Diabetes Diet plan and Diabetes Care Tea, it is the best way to prevent deadly complications of Diabetes. In addition, since the liver is the seat for all metabolic activities, a well functioning liver is imperative for the prevention of all metabolic disorders. Keep your liver tuned with Liver Care Tea and Guggulu.

Kapha and inactivity and lethargy: Kapha people are known to be sluggish in case of body, heart and mind, making them emotionally and physically dormant. Awaken your senses with herbs like Ashwagandha, Yashtimadhu and Ojowin Capsules.

Kapha and kidney stones: In a combination of water and earth, when there is an excess of earth component, the result can be formation of toxins that linger in the renal system, they can lead to kidney stones. Preventing these with Kidney Care Tea and Gokshura is optimal for Kapha Body Types.

Kapha and the respiratory system: Prone to the diseases involving the nasal and respiratory system, Kapha has a tendency to get deposits, thus obstructing the passages of these channels. To maintain their potency and strengthen them, Tulasi, Vasaka, Pippali and Kantakari are said to be the best herbs. We have blended selected herbs in a specific proportion to do the best job to strengthen the lungs and the whole respiratory system in our Broncho Care Capsules.

Kapha and atherosclerosis: As Kapha has the tendency to get fat deposited, where ever it finds a suitable place, it is a routine for them to be affected with obstructed arteries with plaque deposits. Rasona and Guggulu have been proven extremely proficient to prevent these depositions.

Kapha and facial skin care: Kapha suffers from oily skin, congestion and blackheads. We have created the perfect Kapha Face Pack to solve skin problems like excess oiliness and acne.

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