Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Pitta type body

Pitta constitution is a mixture of the water and fire (the Agni and Jal Mahabhootas). Imagine water and fire in co existence, it is close to a strong acid or to a strong alkali. So are Pitta people, strongly acidic in nature that can burn anyone with their wits or leave many expressionless by their words. Born with wisdom they are soft at heart and they also think a lot. The fire part enrages their anger anytime and water flows out of their eyes as soon as they are hurt. They become anxious easily. They have good moral values within them and this makes them more sensitive. Sensitivity coupled with anger is hard to control. They can fire anytime but when they are at peace with their minds they are hard to win. Such are Pitta people. You can try to understand their actions but you cant. And if you are a Pitta constitution then even you could find it difficult to understand your own self.
Pitta constitutions are soft and delicate, sensitive and full of anger, this leads to overproduction of HCL resulting in Hyperacidity. So they need to be sweet in behavior and eat sweets too. Sweet behavior to handle their anger, sensitivity and sweet dishes can neutralize excess HCL in their body. If you are having Heart burns then here is Yashtimadhu from the treasure of nature. The best herb to help you and if you take it in combination with Amalaki than the results are the best. Some misinformed people might have told you that Amalaki is full of the acid as it is the sourest one of all herbs; being misinformed they hardly know anything. Amalaki is sour in taste but in Vipaka (Post digested effect) it becomes Sweet. Sweetness is latent in the sourness, such is Amalaki. So make these two your friend and you will be blessed.
Pitta constitution are more prone to early aging , because of their nature to release more and more energy out of their system. So they need more energy to maintain their homeostasis. Hence they need the herbs which can generate energy in a cool and calm way, Shatawari is such. Generally what ever generates energy ends up heating the whole system but not the Shatawari and Amalaki! These are the herbs, which are by virtue of their cool nature produce good amount of energy for the body without overheating.
The psychological nature of Pitta individual makes him more prone to heart disease, as they take even the slightest hurt to their heart. Pitta people literaly think from Heart . They are usually intellectuals, this increases the chance of their contracting coronary arteries diseases. Pushkarmool and Arjuna, these herbs act as Cardiac-Protectors, so they are the best friends of all Pitta individuals and are must for them who are already suffering from the Cardiac Problems or by the high Blood Pressure disorders. Cardiac Care Tea and Cardia Capsules are made for these Pita individuals especially by Atharvas. This combination contain all important and featured herbs which are the best in Ayurveda for Heart disorders. Rakta Chaap Hara Capsules contain those herbs which calms the mind and are regulative for High Blood Pressure condition according to Ayurveda.
Pitta individuals deal more with aggravated fires of the body which are located in the GIT and more specifically in the liver. So these guys (Pitta individuals) are even more prone to Liver Disorders. You may even find them in a relative good state of health with increased Billirubin levels. This is all by default and for this reason they need to take more care of their Liver and Heart. Kutaki, Bhumyamalaki, Daruharidra and Guduchi are the herbs which are the best in this regard. These all are hepatoprotective and are capable of regenerating the liver cells. Liver Care Tea is a best mixture of all these herbs.
Immunity is blood dependent, everyone knows it today . Ayurvedic Seers were also aware about this fact some 5000 years back from now. Pitta resides in the blood mostly and this is the reason why Pitta people are prone to blood infections and skin diseases. Pitta people face more and more Pus formation, so boils are common to them. These people need to take more and more care of their skin, as their wounds lacerate more than any one else's. So Pitta needs some antibacterial-cooling agents for their skin. Pitta Face Pack contains all agents for beautiful glowing skin of Pitta people (Agents not 007 types). Beside this Pitta people need to maintain the purity of their blood and for this Ayurveda has Manjistha and Haridra. These two herbs are the best to get rid of skin diseases for all Prakrutis but they are the best for Pitta . Nagkeshar and Chandana are the ones which cool your skin from inside and outside both.

Now comes the hair. Pitta people are extremely prone to early graying of the hair. Ayurveda has three herbs Amalaki, Bhringraj and Yashtimadhu as best for hair and what a scientific approach it is , these are the best for the Pitta people also. So if you are Pitta individual, you need them for sure. Here are some tips for the Pitta people , follow them in routine and maintain it,than see the difference in your life………

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  1. When I went through your post I realized that I had this sort of body constitution. My hair haven't turned grey. But the rest of what you have said is very true. Good work Dhaarrii!!