Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Vata type body

Vata People usually have slender figure, with their bones protruding at joints. They are quick moving and are constantly on the move, therefore, tasks like simple organization and keeping the household in order becomes a challenge for them. Their mind wanders, frustration sets in and things become difficult to manage. Vata can be prone to depression, especially if they become submissive. Since Vata is air and movement, it is vital for them to be active. But activity for Vata people must be arranged in a focused calm manner, or the activities will lead to anxiety. Focused, constructive activities can lift their spirits and spark the creative fire, that is so very important for their well being. Most Vata people chew their nails, crack their knuckles, and are usually seen moving their hands and feet in a nervous or quick manner. Their very nature demands this movement!! However, these tendencies can be counterproductive for Vata, they lose vital energy with these unfocused movements. If these characteristics exist in you, an excellent way to restore your energies is to simply sip our specially formulated Herbal Vata Tea. It is meant to calm the body, focus the mind and ease the nerves in a gentle, non-addictive manner.
Vata and the overworked brain: The quick moving, slender Vata people exhaust rapidly and they have a hard time concentrating or focusing on the things they want to accomplish. They have a passion for learning but cant concentrate for long time, thus work and projects fall short due to this lack of attention span. For those Vata people that need to focus, retain information and boost their learning capacity, "Memobuster Capsules" are a perfect food supplement. These are a gentle, safe and extremely effective way to induce brain power, stay focused and finish those demanding projects.
Vata and sleep disorders: Another characteristic of Vata is their inability to get a good night rest. "Insomnia Care Capsules" help to provide a restful, sound sleep and balances the nervous system. Or try the "Mental Relaxant Tea", a wonderful mix of herbal nervines that relax and induce a peaceful night’s sleep
Vata: Joint and Bone problems: Vata is characterized by air and dryness and vata resides in the joints. This dryness gets trapped in the joints and bones and causes pain, stiffness and immobility. This can be a major problem for Vata people, especially as they age. “Osteoplus” increases calcium absorption and metabolism to restore bone health and “Arthcare capsules” are a wonderful way to reduce pain in the joints by decreasing inflammation and building healthy cartilage for increased mobility and joint strength.
Some other important herbs for Vata are Guggulu and Shallaki (to strengthen the joints) and Ashwagandha (for vigor and vitality).
Vata and skin health: Vata skin is extremely dry which leads to premature aging and wrinkles and needs proper nourishment. Using the Vata Face Pack will restore vitality, reduce fine lines and soften the skin combating dryness.
Vata and digestive health: Vata people burn a lot of energy so their bodies need more energy in the form of healthy calories to maintain a healthy digestive system. However, Vata people may tend to indulge in incompatible kinds of food that can lead to decreased digestive agni and problems like flatulence and constipation. Therefore, it is vital to make proper food choices. Some companion herbs for ensuring proper digestion for Vata are Triphala and Trikatu. Choosing the best food for their constitution is easy with Atharv’s Diet Plans. A proper diet plan can help the Vata individuals choose exactly what food can build a healthy body. Appetizer Herbal Tea can be taken after meals to help digest better and combat annoying troubles like flatulence and constipation.
Ashwagandha, Haritaki and Rasna are the best tonics for Vata.

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